Mercedes Searer is a Brooklyn based dancer and choreographer. Mercedes makes things. Pots, and plates, dances, collages, and quote books. As a maker she is interested in the kinetic energy of the object; its rhythm, its illusion to meaning, and the metaphors it presents for life itself. In all of her work, asymmetry, the verge of collapse, humor, irony, and pain show up repeatedly.

Since arriving in New York in 2009 Mercedes has worked for such greats as Elizabeth Streb, Sara Rudner, Twyla Tharp, Steve Paxton, and Kathy Westwater, among others. She is currently working on three projects, “Standing on Their Glittering Mirrors” with Sonia Lopes Soares, “Stand by Your Plan” with Macklin Kowal and “ˌRēkənˈteks(t)SH(əw)əˌlīz/,” a collaboration with visual artist Bibiana Medkova. Mercedes trains with her mentor and renowned ballet teacher Janet Panetta.

Mercedes’ artistic practice centers on assumptions around identity. She seeks to invest in the notion that bodies are perpetually engaged in processes of biological, social, and cultural performance.