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POSTPONED Due to Coronavirus

June 25th 2020 Performance at Tribeca Arts +Culture Night


November 6-12th 12-5 pm Studio Hours

November 13th 2019 6-9 pm Performance Selfdom

WhiteBox Nyc

As part of Performa, Mercedes and collaborator Rolland Gebhardt collaborate with a movement based performance and sculptural masks that delve into issues around identity and the ways in which we perform and conceal self.

June 14th-15th 2019 ” Whose Eyes I Am”

Brooklyn Studios For Dance @ 7:30 pm
In this autobiographical research into childhood, memory, and transcendence, Mercedes Searer journeys through different landscapes and moments in time to evoke a deeply personal experience.

March 2019 “Public Intimate”
Athens Greece multiple performances and locations
Mercedes Searer and Sonia Lopes Soares collaborate creating a duet using inner and outer worlds.

September 2018 “Dancing on their Glittering Mirrors”
Dixon Place @ 7:30 pm

Viga212 performs a new quartet exploring intimacy. Direction by Sonia Lopes Soares.

April 2nd 2018 “Dancing on their Glittering Mirrors”
Judson Church @ 7:30 pm
Viga212 performs a new duet exploring intimacy. Direction by Sonia Lopes Soares.

April 19, 20, 21, and 22nd 2017 “Extemporaneousness”
Brooklyn Studios for Dance @ 8:00 pm
New York City Performance Premiere
Since 2002 Kathy Westwater’s choreographic practice has centered on articulating what she describes as the disorganized body. In it the orientation of the dancing body on the central vertical axis is re-imagined. Exploring with eight dancers their individual spontaneous responses to a set of choreographic directions, this dance considers what we derive from an intentional practice of disorganization. Extemporaneous performs the unstable, unbound, and disorganized body.

December 2nd 2017 “Shake/Walk Performed
Brooklyn Studios for Dance @ 7:30 pm

Kathy Westwater’s work utilizes two everyday forms of movement, allowing them to disorganize within and be disorganizing of our bodies.

June 11th 2017 Excerpt of “I’d Rather the Ocean”
New Dance Alliance @ 2:00 pm pm
Performed in the New Dance Alliance Mix Festival alongside…

June 19th-21st 2017 Opening of “Thank you for Coming: Play”
River to River @ 6 pm, 2 pm, and 6 pm (See Link for more details)
Faye Driscoll’s work as part of the River to River Festival

June 24th 2017 Opening of “rēkənˈteks(t)SH(əw)əˌlīz/”
Trestle Gallery @ 7:30 pm
Month long video installation and performance at opening night 7:30 and 8:30 pm

July 6th-9th 2017 Opening of  “rēkənˈteks(t)SH(əw)əˌlīz/”
La Petit Versailes/Allied Productions @ 7:30 pm
Month long video installation and performance at opening night