rē-kən-ˈteks-chə-wə-ˌlīz, -chə-ˌlīz\

rēkənˈteks(t)SH(əw)əˌlīz focuses on layering, reframing and recontextualizing the body through the lens of a motion picture camera. By layering one time-based movement form within another time based art form, we  are able to erase the stage and instead zoom in closely with a camera, creating a new viewing space. rēkənˈteks(t)SH(əw)əˌlīz shifts the realities of time, space, speed and even intimacy.
This new collaboration.is also a new model of making that relates to the accessibility and instantaneous nature of information today. An accelerated mode of production will force gestural expression of fast ideas and a consistent presence online. The 2017 plan will release new works once every month.