“Perceptual Motion” at Lincoln Center

Video & Interactive exhibition at Lincoln Center of the Performing Arts: “Perceptual Motion”

In January 2014 “Perceptual Motion,”an interactive motion participation and photography exhibit by internationally renowned photographer and filmmaker Klaus Lucka opened at the David Rubenstein Atrium, Lincoln Center, New York. One of the pieces in the show is Klaus’s exciting transliteration of a video featuring the choreography and performance of Mercedes Searer the masks made for Trophies  by Roland Gebhardt.


The collaborators:

Klaus Luka is an internationally renowned photographer and director. Klaus has had an exemplary career in the world of photography, both in advertising which has won him over 100 awards and more recently in the art world which has honored him with exhibitions at Lincoln Center, Kennedy Center, Barbican Center as well as prestigious venues such as gallery theaters and opera in San Francisco, Philadelphia, Seattle, Boston, and Houston.


Roland Gebhardt is an internationally known sculptor whose work has been shown around the world and is in many prominent collections.He is perhaps best known for his monolithic sculptures which explore the concept of the linear void.