Whose Eyes I Am

Whose eyes I am is an autobiographical research into childhood, memory, and transcendence. In this piece Mercedes Searer journeys through different landscapes and moments in time to evoke a deeply personal piece. How can the body hold so many different versions of a person? And, can all parts be accessed within a performance? How does time travel work on stage? A non-linear excursion inspired by games, images and scenes from her own childhood, along with the subtle shift between a performing and nonperforming body, Whose Eyes I am allows for an accessibility and intimacy not often afforded into the past and present.

Mercedes Searer Choreography and Performance

John Yanelli: Arrangement and score.  Dreams by Nuages, Crazy Ornette (Nôze Remix), Assise by Camille, and River by Mountain Man. Excerpts from Arvo Part, Kannon Pokajanen Ode III, Estonian Philharmonic. *Music

Eaavon O’Neal: Video editing

Tom Grizzle: Photography and Stage technician


June 2019, Premiere  Brooklyn Studios For Dance  (New York, NY)