Tat Tvam Asi

Tat Tvam Asi challenges the audience’s participation in the witness of dysfunction. The performers are forced to continue to adapt to an ever changing world where rules are inconsistent and reality unstable, regardless of the situation’s increasing dysfunction.

Sarah Collins-Napier, Tara Fenamore, Sarah Gainey, Kate Kernochan, Dawn Kinstle, and Mercedes Searer *Performers

John Yanelli – Arrangement and score. Arvo Part, Kanon Pokajanen: Ode III, Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir/Tonu Kaljuste *Music

Melissa Alexis Bruce *Lighting Design

Amy J. Pedigo *Costumes

Mercedes Searer *Choreography

Length: 15 minutes


December 2010, Premiere  Bessie Schönberg Dance Theatre. PAC (Bronxville, NY)